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Dates: November 11 & 12
Where: Los Angeles

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At My Live 2 Day Voice Over Revolution Event, You'll Learn the Business Principles, Tactics, and Skills to Soar as a Voice Talent!

About Bill DeWees

bly on information marketing Bill DeWees is a Chicago area business and media veteran that is sought out for his highly relatable and genuine "guy next door" approach to voice overs. He has recorded thousands of commercials, corporate projects, and audiobooks.

Bill is best known as the global signature voice of the new "Chevrolet, find new roads" campaign. His credits also include Warner Bros., Sears, American Express, Microsoft, Dell, Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, John Deere, AstraZeneca, Merck, Verizon, Adidas, Purina, Lowe's, Whirlpool, Wild Planet Toys, Accenture, and National Geographic.

His diverse background includes radio, television, business/marketing consulting, corporate education, and college professor.

Bill is in high demand as a voice over coach and teacher as well as author of the book, "How to Start and Build a 6-Figure Voice Over Business."

I'm writing this message to you on a computer.

(I can hear you say,)... Uh... Ok... soooooo....???

Well, I could have written this message on a typewriter. And then sent it to you via the postal service.

But... I didn't!


It would have been:

  • more difficult
  • take far more time
  • incredibly inefficient
  • Makes sense, right?

Yet, the vast majority of voice over talent are trying to start or run their careers in exactly the same way. They use methods and strategies that are:

  • more difficult
  • take far more time
  • incredibly inefficient

The result? Very few make a decent part-time, let alone a full-time income in the voice over industry.

What has evolved over the past several decades with technology has been nothing short of a revolution!

Think about it...

Transportation, communications, media, manufacturing,... most every part of our lives has been turned upside down by technology and the new economy.

Most industries... get it!

In contrast, most VO talent continue to use outdated methods to build their careers. Often because they’ve been taught that way. Sometimes because they follow the rest of the crowd (who are also failing) because they simply don’t know what else to do.

The result. Frustration and failure.

It’s not your fault. You just haven’t learned the rules of the voice over game!

Unlike any generation before you, you have the tools, technology, and knowledge to build the life and career you want.

It’s time for you to take control. It’s time for you to join the voice over revolution!

Register for the Nov 11 & 12 Event

Here is some of the information you’ll be learning during these two dynamic days of training…

Day 1 w/ Bill DeWees

  • How to supercharge your earning potential by evolving from “Talent” to “Artist” (live demonstration with attendee)

  • A winning demo formula

  • Strategies of the highest paid talent on P2P sites

  • Strategies to get and keep new clients

  • My super easy formula for having a 99%+ collection rate

  • Today’s hottest VO marketing strategies

Day 2 w/ Dave Fennoy

  • Eliminate ready reads

  • Master the conversational read

  • Find your signature voice

  • Creating believable characters for animation and video games

  • Explore various VO genres, Spokes Voice, TV Promos, In-Show Live Announce

These two days will laser focus on the information and strategies to move your career forward. No fluff, No hype. Just Actionable and Proven content.

Register for the Nov 11 & 12 Event

Register for the Nov 11 & 12 Event

New to the voice over game? This event would be a great way . . .

This live event would be a great way to get a jump start. Chances are you've heard a lot of things about the business that JUST AREN'T TRUE.

And, if you follow the wrong advice, you'll cost yourself months or years and a lot of CASH.

This live event will make sure that does NOT happen to you.

And why am I so confident? Because I not only talk about it, I do it!

You'll get the LATEST how-to information about how to get started and truly succeed as a voice over talent.

Already a VO Talent?

Whether you're making a full time or a part time living, I congratulate you on your current level of success.

However, I'd like to help you "bump it up a notch"!

Join the live event and learn some of the systems I've developed that will make you more efficient and dramatically increase your current income level.


Sure, I would be too.

When I first got into the business, I was confused with all of the conflicting advice I was getting. What I discovered (through a lot of trial and error) was that if I used technology and cutting edge marketing strategies to my advantage I would have a huge edge.

My results? A multiple 6-figure income! I am predictably busy every weekday recording projects for clients like Chevrolet, Warner Brothers, NBC Universal, Adidas, Sears, Whirlpool, Hitachi, Microsoft, and thousands more.

What's even more exciting? It's sustainable!! My income is incredibly predictable month to month!!!

I want to dramatically improve your results

Can I double or triple your income?

I won't make that claim because I don't know your commitment to success and work ethic. 

BUT, I will tell you that you can increase your current income from recording voice overs by at least 25-30%.

Again, I can't GUARANTEE it because I'm not you.

BUT, I can tell you that many of my coaching clients who are already in the business are getting that level of growth and more.

If you're committed to voice over success in 2016, then you need to attend my event.

Register for the Nov 11 & 12 Event

Is it possible to figure this out on your own?

Maybe. If you want to spend the time and money researching, studying marketing, experimenting, etc., then, yes... you might figure out a system that gets results.

If you're looking for the next "get rich quick scheme," this is NOT for you!

If you can't invest 12-24 months of your time using a proven plan and strategies to build a legitimate and lasting business, you have no business in the voice over industry!

But, if you have strong communication skills, an entrepreneurial spirit, and the desire to learn and follow a business are exactly who I’d like to have study the information in this program.

You can argue opinions, theories, and personal taste... but you can't argue with measureable results.

And results are what I have achieved over the past nearly 11 years of my voice over career.

If you're...

Tired of guessing what to do next...

Frustrated because of all the money you've spent on your "career" with nothing to show for it...

If you're exhausted and ready to give up...

Or if you just wanted to get started on a solid foundation

Then I invite you to join the Voice Over REVOLUTION!

To summarize, here's what you'll get
at this workshop

  • A Winning Demo Formula

  • How to Insure You Get Paid for the Work You Do

  • How to Dramatically Increase Your Audition “Win Rate”

  • How to Master the “Conversational/Relatable” Read That Everyone is Asking For.

  • Specific Strategies to Get and Keep New Clients

  • How to Create a Predictable and Sustainable Voice Over Income

Please click here to join the live event.